How To Fix Health Care

Here's how you fix health care in this country, and all points of this plan are required:

  • Keep the ban on pre-existing conditions clauses (the one lone thing Obamacare got right, and which the Republicans desperately want to get rid of in order to please their corporate overlords).
  • Eliminate the insurance mandate (which has not been done correctly, and Trump only did it to break the existing system).
  • Make it illegal for anyone to refuse care due to lack of insurance.
  • Open up the sale of insurance across state lines for those who want it.
  • Open up drug sales from Canada.
  • Eliminate pharmaceutical patents (science is not intellectual property) and tighten FDA regulations on new drugs.
  • Reform medical tort law so that payouts can only be the amount of the botched procedure, the amount of the procedures to fix it, and lost wages.

Do all of that, and this country will once again have the greatest health care system in the world.  (And you'll notice that the GOP repeal plans did only one of these things, meaning not enough... and a lot more that would have negated even that positive point.)