Short: A Girl and Her Dog

Int. The Marsdens' house, master bedroom - afternooN

Shot by the actress with a phone horizontally (because Lilly wouldn't shoot it vertically), the screen suddenly pops to life with briefly shaky video before it settles in and focuses on a massive pile of cotton stuffing that has been haplessly arranged half-under the bedskirt.

Lilly (O.C.)

So Rissa-Roo and I get home from shopping, and everything seems normal, until I get back to my bedroom and find this. What is this? Well, this was that.

She pans the shot up to the top of the bed, where an absolutely shredded and empty pillow lays on top of its intact pillowcase, placed nearly in the right spot if not for the obvious carnage.


I don't even know how he did that. He's too damned smart for his own good. Let's go talk to him, shall we?

The shot turns as she does, and we walk down the hall out into the living room to see the guilty party sitting calmly, but with a face that shows he knows he's in deep shit.



The malamute lowers his head a bit.


I told you I was trusting you, didn't I?

He chuffs at that.


I said you'd been good for a few days, so I wasn't gonna put you in your kennel while we were gone.

He whines briefly.


Uh-huh. So what is that pile of pillow doing under my bed, hmm?

He looks up and defiantly talks back.


Don't give me that, Denali! You didn't do a very good job of hiding it, did you?

He grumbles and looks away, knowing he's guilty as all hell.


Uh-huh. So what do you have to say for yourself?

He looks back up and tries the pitiful approach, in facial expression and his voice.



Oh-ho no, buddy, that is not gonna work. You wanted to test my limits and you knew exactly what you were doing. I am not happy with you right now, and I am not sorry for it. You're gonna have to stay in your box whenever we go somewhere for a while now. It's gonna be a while before I trust you to behave yourself on your own again.

He turns his head away angrily and grumbles quietly.


What was that?

He sighs and whines in resignation.


Didn't think so. Now, if you're good, we'll go for a run in the park later, okay?

He perks up, gets up quickly and trots over to rub his snout on her closest leg. She reaches out to pet him.


If you're good, Denny. But I love you too, buddy.

The shot shakily moves around as she ends the recording.

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